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SQE: Society for Quality Education

SQE-Sponsored Research & Reports

  • How to Get the Right Education for Your Child, by Malkin Dare. Waterloo: OQE-SAER Publications, 2008. This very readable book by SQE's president is intended for the parents of children who are struggling in school. The book walks parents through their various options - from working with the system, to supplementing the system, to opting out of the system, to changing the system.

  • Breaking Down Monopolies: Expanding Choice and Competition in Education, by Yvan Guillemette: C.D. Howe Institute, 2007. This SQE-sponsored study reports that economic theory and international experience show that greater school choice can be a winning educational strategy and can be implemented in a way that preserves social equity and equality of opportunity.

  • Ontario's Private Schools: Who Chooses Them and Why?, by Deani A. Van Pelt, Patricia A. Allison, and Derek J. Allison. Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 2007. This SQE-sponsored study looks at why private school attendance in Ontario is steadily growing, while at the same time the attendance in the province's public schools is declining. After surveying 919 private school families, the researchers report that the features parents value in their children's private schools are such things as dedicated teachers, an emphasis on academic quality, a high moral tone, character development, and safety.
  • Teaching Science in the 21st Century: An Examination Of Science Curricula From Kindergarten To Grade 12, by CH Vanderwolf, M Cook, RT Coutts and D Cropp. Toronto: Society for Quality Education, 2005. The science curricula in use in the ten provinces were evaluated with respect to scientific content, recommended teaching methods, freedom from errors and unsupported dogmatic statements, and adequacy of presentation of the nature of science. Printed copies may be obtained by contacting the Society.
  • Charter Schools: Alberta's Best-Kept Secret. Written and narrated by distinguished education writer Andrew Nikiforuk, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction, this DVD addresses many misconceptions about charter schools. First and foremost, they are PUBLIC schools. Find out why teachers, parents and students love them and see whether you agree that charter schools focus on the student and learning rather than politics and bureaucracy. To order a copy, see below. Click here to view the DVD.

Research Round-ups

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