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SQE Quick Studies

Permission is hereby granted to reprint these quick studies, in part or in full.

The Sky Has Limits
Surprising - and disturbing - information about barriers to online learning in Canada

Danger - or Opportunity?
A modest proposal for a better way to cope with school closures

What Can We Do About the Boys?
A discussion of the various factors in boys' worsening performance in school

Boy Oh Boy!
Wherein an unusual suspect for boys' problems is identified - not enough phonics

Homework Can Be Hard Work - Especially for Parents!
A teacher's take on how parents should handle their kids' homework

Could Do Better
Malkin Dare's free book, How to Get The Right Education for Your Child:  resources for parents of struggling students

Let the Sunshine In
Shocking revelations about school board spending

Homework Rules
Feedback on the nature of appropriate homework - and its benefits 

Africentric Schools - the devil in the details
An explanation of the sort of education poor black kids really need 

Myths of Education Reform
A discussion of some of the blind alleys Ontario governments have been exploring, despite evidence to the contrary 

Faith-Based Schools: A force for good or for evil?
Surprising - to some at least - evidence that faith-based schools result in stable and tolerant societies

Marrying Ontario's School Systems: For better or for worse?
A discussion of the drawbacks of amalgamating Ontario's public and Catholic school boards

The People's Schools of Ontario
A discussion of the similarities between Soviet department stores and Ontario's centrally-planned schools