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Tipping Point for Parents and Teachers?

June 08, 2011 by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at 12:22 PM

Is this latest move by the unions the tipping point for teachers (and parents) in Ontario?

It was bad enough that $60 of extra dues was taken out of teachers' pockets: now teachers are going to get paid leave to go to campaign school.  Problem is, that the only lesson they will be allowed to learn is how to fight provincial conservative candidates.  Democratic?  Hmmm.  The other problem is that the timing could not be worse for Ontario students since the October 6th election date means that the campaign will be in full swing during the month of September when schools are at their busiest.  No problem, says the union--we'll pay for supply teachers!  Unbelievable.

From the sound of angry calls to talk radio, looks like this may just backfire on them.

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It is unbelievably sad that the teachers feel this is okay.

It`s also unbelievable that the schools will allow it-it shows the power of the Union,they set their own terms.

Posted by Jo-Anne Gross on 06/08 at 02:58 PM

It’s shocking that teachers are willing to blatantly show that they’re more interested in power than doing their job—especially considering their chosen profession.

Posted by Bev on 06/08 at 06:23 PM

Update is that now teachers will not be paid to attend the campaign schools…...have to do it on their own time.

Wow what a concession THAT is….NOT!

They will definitely be a blow back.

I see it was the notorious OSSTF hoisted the flag on this failed PR exercise.

Posted by Chuck on 06/09 at 12:13 AM

It does seem the OSSTF has backtracked a bit, but OECTA is still asking for teachers to have the day off on election day with compensation for supply teachers.

The news reports are all over the map on this topic. My guess is that this idea indeed backfired and they have had to scramble to scale back their original plans.

Posted by Doretta on 06/09 at 08:45 AM

angry Just more evidence that these union bodies yield too much power and that teachers CAN actually be bought! Maybe Mr. McG and his supporters (teachers unions) would like to pull an Oprah and offer them all free cars while we are at it! Should we really be surprised that the Liberal Education Minister simply said, “We will leave the decision making (re: paid days to campaign) to the individual boards”? Absolutely outrageous!

Posted by Barb on 06/09 at 09:23 PM

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