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This is not rocket science

April 22, 2014 by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at 09:07 AM

Here I am in Las Vegas, only to find this article in the local paper. It seems that the local school board, the fifth-largest school board in the US by the way, is getting poor literacy results - with about a third of grade 3 students and 61% of grade 8 students behind in reading. The new superintendent, according to the article, apparently thinks it's because a) they're not spending enough on teaching reading and b) the teachers are not trying hard enough. Faithful readers of these pages will probably not be surprised to learn that Balanced Literacy is the teaching method used in Clark County. 

You know, if a Martian were to visit Clark County and try to find out what to do about the board's poor literacy results, it would probably take the Martian about an hour to learn that additional spending and trying harder haven't worked elsewhere, while abolishing Balanced Literacy and instituting systematic phonics has worked elsewhere. One has to wonder why these truths elude the new superintendent of the Clark County School District.

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